Life gets harder!

Hi Assalammualaikum!
I thought of changing to the new writing skills, just in case! All happens unexpectedly and of course I'm about to just live with the flow & get myself be all time ready with any changes and; trends. That's why I left this writing site for months, commitments does hits! Tau semua orang ada komitmen but every people have their own things, this and that to be concerned to kan! Sukahati aku lah, why bother why bother//Azwan Ali

 I wont leave this writing world cause I'm so used to it before and all my addiction goes to what we-so-called site-walking!! Yes Im dying to just leave it past behind and not putting an effort to make a comeback! This is a place where I could have my stories up as much as I can!! Not the popularity that I look up to, I dont need that to have all the concentration to give the whole life of mine just to have at least for an update to satisfy those hunger mouths! Sounds upset. Blogging for self-reminded, just to state the memories we had, lot of stuff to be shared about & could be a diary to a certain people. I mean an open diary (not so privacy)! Yeah, everyone does that. So do I.

        Since Im so into my college life lately, I just want to share & state my opinions. I'm on my semester break now and about to be one of the 2nd sem students in few days later.

     Alright, let me be honest, being as one of a college student isn't an easy phase of life. It is not always be as wonderful as the TV series might showed us before. Once you have experienced it, you will know what were exactly the drama played on us. I don't have a problem with my studies or arguments, it is just about the fucking chaotic life surrounding; NEW friends, your personal unsatisfied self management, the place you're sitting to, your financial settings, and how can you handle those hard problems in a time. Alright, just keep reading till the end, k memaksa! It is like a time for me to walk away from my kiddo-teen time and move to another hard phase of my teen life in which your feelings and dedication being tested! Whatever it is, your true colours of life and yeah happiness will soon arrive!

      I dont actually think to find any one of the great friends to be lepak with, or maybe another best friends for you to count on, cause I just have had enough.. of great bullshits and bullshiters ;-) They amazed me with every bad behaviour and how worst they could be. I can't even put any trust to anyone there. Yes, I do cried, even about to lose hope and giving up but my parents and love always be supportive, just to keep my education maintained and well-steady. I remember about my real intention, I packed up my things & leave to Malacca is not to cry or keep sighing about my life. It is about I want an education, a path to lead me for the future also for my parents.Maybe it wasn't an easy task of life, but soon I realize, if there is no trouble, then how could lessons come and make it way out for the happiness?

Being socialized basically okay je lah, so you wont be labelled as budak gua or else budak tak up or more. But the way to differentiates this part, are you socializing in a good way or otherwise baby? You choose. If you know how to treat yourself better for everyone surrounds you and those people who love you, be kind and well-mannered. That is what I hold till now. My parents is happiness comes first and I know you will do exactly the same.

I'm afraid of not having myself stay in this way for more years ahead to still know how to distinguish what is good and what is bad plus knowing the limits. May Allah protect me & my friends from any harms.

Hehehe so yeah, it is kinda hard for me to carefully set up my own cash gituww and financial support. Kalau dah berjauhan dengan parents, you'll end up trying to buy more things & stuff by yourself, am I right?!! Kalau jenis family kaya, I think you'll never have problem kot when it comes about money ni hehehe but our members which have to know the limits of using cash & to prevent wastage maximumly ni, somehow akan ada masa yang buat kita fikir "omg, I dont have enough money sampai bulan depan" "Wait, I've bought a pant using my saving money!" "Oh no, I have to save more this week!" "Should buy what is compulsory first baru benda2 yang takda pekdah" and you know for this financial management, kena pandai. You know how, it is just you, who dont want to make it happen.

to be continued ah. Penat. Lol

Loves and Obsessions Part Two

     Well, hello hehe it’s my first time having a continuous post as you can see the words ‘Part two’ has been titled together. I know I have been disappeared fr about few months ago, but now here I am! So lets get started, when it comes about obsession, everyone will tightly attach to it, right? Haha but mine is just way as different for this newest entry, I’ll just placed all of the screenshot of mine having a great day on that-is-so-called Tumblr & others. Tumblr is like a place to be dreamt with. Actually it’s been so long since my last date with Tumblreee and I’d some trouble with it at first and that’s why I leave it for a long time without an update but quickly to mention, I manage to fix it back at last! Yeay me! Haha it took around 1 hour as I’ve mistyped the code before and it turned to be pengg boomg goong! Broken code & of course, it messed up to the shitt as hell as I couldn’t even see the pictures & things that are supposed to be in. It gets me harder because I’ve resigned as a coder girl for about one year & I’m being so dull with coding now; yeah I’m so used to the code before, not really an expert one but it worked well for me. Let the past go by itself, it’s time to look forward haha.

     Alright, it’s all about screenshots!! Let’s get it started!

     Obviously you can see, there's a plenty of food pictures here. How I wish I could just possibly grab them all in a once and eat them *happiness overload* Gulp. Oh okay, back to the topic. I’m actually a strong eater and I would spend my money only for the foods because it’s worth way to do! Really! Fyi, it’s like a compulsory activity for me to watch any cooking programmes provided in Food Network Channel Asia (727), they’re all diligence and attractive to be watched for. I can’t go through a day without watching it even once, they’re my unpolluted druggies. Haha well some of my favourite cooking shows goes to Giada at Home, Barefoot Contessa, Hungry Girl, 30 Minutes Meal, Guy’s Big Bite & Down Home with Neelys. Yes, I watched them every day, never missed & they are deserving cases because you can slowly learn how to cook & find out about science management in cooking. Not forgotten, Unwrapped show is kind of satisfying programme, it reveals the process & men behind all of the wrapped foods.

     Don’t be a silly, if they’re using pork, wine or something which is forbidden to be eaten/to drink (by Islamic laws) I’ll endure myself from watching or practising it. I noted their recipes but I’ll trade the illegal ingredients with legitimate raw (such as vinegar or water) inevitably. No worries. Plus, Food network challenge is the best competition ever!! They immensely come out with the great ideas & everything’s fantastically outstanding because you can serves your eyes with too many of hugely unique foods for real! Somehow they build a big cake, clothes made of chocolate, garden made of sweets & etc! Here for more,

     Well, hello? Is it tearing you down enough? Haha this is not something you should be sad with, clearly you can call those car as Aryna's baby boo lol. Alright, let me be, it's actually the Lamborghini Aventador! Have you seen Lamborghini Veneno yet? Limited sport car,  it's actually good to be built & sold only in three units because if it built for an unlimited units just like the common cars, everyone will running out of money and people will be dying much of just seeing this car but not having it haha and I’ll be the one, indeed. I'll pass out if these Aventador & Veneno appears right in front of my eyes, please just don't. Or I’ll just threat the proprietors of Aventador & Veneno to give theirs. Haha lol I’m just kidding, I don’t even dare to do it, no sue.
     I wasn’t so good in car management, but you know how the expression will be, “Super cars?! Sport Cars?! OMG! They’re all incredibly beautiful! Dreadfully gorgeous & nobody would deny!” Oh come on! *Exuberant*
    We’ve go through the foods & wonder sport cars. Let’s see how those animals revolve themselves in my mind.

     Isn’t them cute enough?! Haha some people might agree so at the opposite. Well, this is just me; I love wolves (winter white wolf) & Koala Bear. My bro & sis once petted a Siamese cat when I was a kid & it stepped out from the house because of one incident and I was the main character lol it’s only between me & the kittie. I was about to walked in to my house, and once I reached the door, we both shockingly see each other as we suddenly appeared exactly in the opposite way haha and because of the unexpected scene, the cat ran away silently. My sis & bro terribly sad as they couldn’t find the cat back. Hehe, I don’t cause a trouble, no. Not me. Omg I miss Choky (my rabbit's name), terribly.

     Yes, we should be grateful for having a chance to see all of this beautiful waterfalls even from a picture. Last but not least!

The art! I think it is just not me who adore & appreciate the art. Art could reveal the feelings in oneness & to feel what is the real meaning behind, something that we called so surprisingly beautiful & deep.

I will try to update more, because I have been missing this typing world so much!!


/I don’t really know if there had anyone who follows my stories in blog/ Bhahahaha. Rofl.

     Alright, my result was just nice and suits to every course I’ve wanted all this while. Alhamdulillah but there’s shackle in electing. I still hesitate about choosing courses to be listed in for my UPU form because there are three courses that are so into me! I did change them two times already, it was before & right after SPM results being released, luckily I’d only one chance to change them again and I’ll inevitably reshuffle all of the listed choices for the third time once my choices confirmed. I love English and it leads me to pursue in TESL but in the meantime my heart ask me to go for Mass Communication which is I’m very interested in publishing and broadcasting.  Well, journalism is quite attractive too actually hehe. I literally love writing in English and I would like to further studies on something that’s approximately to editorial management & design where’s so applicable to the publishing course in Mass Comm. I love magazines & newspaper and something to apply the layout on! That’s it, I never said my writing was so accurate, I want to learn more!

     Apart from that, I’d love to try law! One of my best friends told me to go for Islamic law, it’s like more waked up & guarded.  Yes, it is but still on my planning. On 24th March I went to UiTM’s exposition event that could really kill all of my confusions about getting into flows that I admire yet very valuable to go for! I’ve seen one of the booth that’s written ‘Pengajian Komunikasi & Media’ and yeah, I found Mass Communication booth! OMG! The spokesmen provided in it were really nice and talkative anyways! Fortunately the one who I’d asked for an explanation was the one from Principles of Publishing course! Oh yeah and he widen my thoughts in choosing this course that could help my career in future, I also manage to join neither engineering nor thing that’s weird to be related on Mass Comm (as I go for nuts a while) because the company would really need us for the publishing stuff! Fabulous!

     TESL which stands for teaching English second language, this is the first thought of mine as I stepped in to UiTM. I walked in to the wrong booth at first (it’s about bachelor in language something) but still they managed to tell me a bit about learning English and here to tell, I was one of the lucky guesses there! They asked me to try in handling quizzes for two minutes /kind of ashamed as they watched me till the end without any glance off from me/ and I actually made it! They gave me present and photographed me, maybe as the prove lol? Later on, I finally went to the right booth, and it took so long for my turn to be treated! People who were lined up for their turn, and mostly were come with confident and some are mix-blooded people. Oh god! Doubting in my potential in English came all of a sudden after seeing all of such an educated bunch of people who truly go for TESL. The question is, Can I?! I’ve searched something who shared about TESL and I found these two blog, both helped a lot!! LinDonut & AnisAshaari

     So, what should I take as a main course?!!!! I’m so confused! Alright, people told me to just keep calm and perform Istikharah to be more confident about choosing the flow. I asked for my dad & siblings’ opinion and they told me to go for course that I really wanted to pursue in. I don’t want to be greedy, I just want to make sure it will make my life-way in opportunities go huger so I won’t regret and grow up be an old sad woman. So do everyone, right?!

------------------------------An outing to be shared with, here are the pictures of us having a super great fantastic day!------------------------------
My gegirls: Anis sofea, Ili Imanina, Adibah Raman, Miera Suhaimi & Athirah Damia
     Oh yeah, me & the friends had so much fun @ Midvalley and it was few years ago which is my last time walked in to Midvalley. Nothing much to say, it was changing a lil bit as the time flies.  So filled with the enthusiasm that we bought the wrong tickets but manage to fix it back at last! Phew, it happened unexpectedly as the pro one arrived late at time! We spent too much of our money in buying foods! Meals are worth to try, they never disappoint people. Haha :p

     Bowling? Yes, we went for it but seriously I don’t know how to play bowling well, it’s like I’m going to throw the ball away and let the floor being cracked because of the ball’s weight or else I’ll constantly clean up the ditch with my throwing balls seriously. I represent myself as the second last bowler because the rest of my friends were just too good!! Gahaha lewls but at least I showed them an enhancement in throwing the balls off.  Korean room picture as we will get the pictures captured later, that was just so fun! You should try and we get in the room for about three times as we want the picture for each person. Love you all! Muahmuah! xo

*Omg I'm so excited for Oh My English season two! They serve people with more celebrities!*