The Mastermind

Hi Creatures! You've stumbled onto Mellifluous Area! Listen here. 
English is a passion. No doubt. This is how I trained myself for being good in English. I'm kind of a boring girl, I did nothing for my life. That's it. I'm such a boring girl ever exist and obviously you'll get bored of me. luckily I know how to find a deep strength from the bottom of heart to surpass the fears wherever I need it.

Aryna. December 1995. Ex-school student. Simple. Friendly. Rules breaker but a good daughter x

     It's not easy to confront the future especially when we had through the obstacle of being as a teenager. We often be hemmed into the problems of a dark hole. Then, what else do we need at the moment? We need support, advices, love, the encouragement but hey, are you strong enough to stand alone?