Just a quick update.

Assalammualaikum. Just a quick update.

Hi everyone, I think I'll miss in action about few weeks (no one cares) as I need to be more focus on my final exam which is in progress. Honestly, I can't stop from keep on tweeting after school ended. I'd rather be in front of pc instead of take a rest even I'm tired. 

Twitter. This is about addictive too much. There had only one way to build gap between me & twitter so far. (0.o) My dad shouldn't pay for the internet bills. That's it.

4 subjects down and another 6 an above subjects more to go. I'm so glad the first week of final exams is over. The next day of finals will be history subjects and it really pissed me off. Surely, I'm focusing on history subjects right now and all I hopes is I can do very well and put my best effort on it. I will try harder!

That one thing which I can't stand any longer is I  forced to sit beside the door. We need to follow the names in alphabetical order as well, sounds nerd isn't? Lol. I feel like want to 'sumbat-sumbat' my ears with many cotton when others yelling, talking out loud & I'm the one who 'terseksa' with those noises. Well, it terribly bother me a lot! 

I wondered and really awkward when remembered what I've done in every single days of 2011. I often missed the lessons because of my job in photographs & video graph students on competition for school's magazines. This is what we called as sacrifice. *banyak lah kau punya pengorbanan*  Wait, at least I can buy my things using my own money. Atotot.

To my friends especially in twitter, I'm really sorry If' I have done any misdeeds & wrongdoings to all of you. I can't be really perfect in your eyes but I will try my best to come true. *heading myself for a better achievement in future.
So guys, I miss my free time, I miss how everything used to be so easy and can't wait for my finals to end! One more thing, Saja ja nak post kali ni in English language. No hate pewleaseee.
"Ya Allah, grant me patience, courage, to better myself. Let me love everything that You love, and let me hate everything that you hate. Ya allah, please grant my parents strength, health and happiness. Guide us to the straight path. Amin."

Till we meet again,  sincerely me.