Curi Curi Masa

I've got my leisure time to spend before I need to grab back my book & continue study bla bla bla. OK. Ya allah, I'm very thankful sebab dapat put much an effort and doing well in Bahasa Arab 2 semalam. Semua yang dihafal masuk! Alhamdullilah n_n All praises to Allah. 

Petang semalam ngade-2 nak masak. It was my first time cooking a spagheti without "mom". haha  lewl I know some of you pernah buat .It was so easy! Semua tidur, and I don't feel like doing anything instead of reading book for the next subject, Feqah Tauhid. Feqah dah hafal, Tauhid hafalannya merangkak lagi. Urgh.

Let me get straight to the point. Wishing to all Malaysian Hindus a very happy and prosperous deepavali . Have fun and stay living in harmony. One Malaysia!  Also to my dearest neighbour, Happy Diwali, don't work so hard k & spend this raya with blessings. How excited I am, I make this about 31 minutes! Lewl. Nampak macam ke-deepavali-an tak?

Mwehehe, photoshop is my playground! n_n

Masa kita Raya, some of them wish kita, so why not kita wish mereka balik?! Tak salah. SMA another two papers left, Then sambung final exam. Wuu. That's all. Bye.