The Things I hate List #1

I got bored today and I've been ready to publish my new entry and I don't know what I'd enter about and suddenly it's lost without saving it first. Oh God, I don't know how was my feeling on that time plus I kind of upset when my mom doesn't allow me to go out and thought that I would like to celebrate because of SMA is over. That's not my intention at all cause I'm still focusing on my finals exam that must be continued on this tuesday. What makes my mom thinks in that way huh? lewl whatever, gah whatever, yes whatever, ok I'm done.

So lets get started.
1. People who say they're ugly, fat, nobody loves them just for attention.
2. People who say that they have been read all of it for showing off. That's not good.
3. Waking up in the middle of night wanting to pee or feeling thirsty or hungry.
4. People smoke every day a lot of cigarettes especially when it comes to old man.
5. Girls who got a new boyfriend every week and say how much they love them. Euuww.
6. I can't make something in my own way.
7. Some of newspapers which has a lot of advertisement and hogwash.
8. People who are plastic and thought that we will helping them when they need us. Drama queens!
9. When people think that I'm sensitive because I'm girl.
10. When people enter my room without knocking first.
11. Being silenced. That's not my way, sorry teacher hahaha! Evil laugh.
12. When people don't understand sarcasm & laugh for it without knowing the meaning. Pity on you.
13. Shit endings of movie & drama. I was like 'OK with an annoying face'
14. Tried to overcoming obstacles but doesn't worked. So unlucky u_u
15. Getting sick of period.
16. 'unmatured' people who abuse the status update on Facebook (way too many)
17. Getting hungry but no food left.
18. When my parents compare me to other kids.
19. uncomfortable chair during exam. Memang tak boleh blah ah.
20. People giving away the ending right away before it actually happens (while watching in cinema)
21. Feeling sleepy when I'm not supposed to sleep.
22. People underestimate the things that I would do. I will kill you (If I can) haha
23.  Gotcha people who is starring at me while I'm eating.
24. Spider and the noise flies make!
25. When I forget a good idea before I can write it down.

Hii Maharaja Lawak Mega! 
Shout out for Boboi (Harun Salim Bachik Feat Afdlin Shauki)
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