A girl with her reasons

Assalammualaikum! How's your day going?! It's just a perfect day for me to absent from school and I know this is just fvcking cruel statement but I never care. So here, I just want to answer all those people who were questioning me why I'm so addicted with Bruno Mars. I'm not putting my addictive to bruno Mars like having his picture as my background on twitter anymore and so on because I just want to look more matured than my 'real age' Lol. But I really did it before. Haha. 

This picture when Bruno Mars performing Live as Part of the Today Show Concert series.
Photo Credit: Dan Jackman/WENN

"Bruno Mars? What makes you choose him as your favourite singer?"
 I'm searching for the best music to fulfil my lonely time and le perfect adorable music that suits for me are all of the songs of Bruno Mars. He has a very unique voice and no other singers can beat him for the way he amaze himself. Everyone is amazing in their own way! Notice that. He's talented! Deal with it. 

"I don't find Bruno's attractive by his look at all"
Oh really? Don't ever think a guy with a dark skin can't produce a really nice songs. All I need is a talent and once I said his voice is amazing, forever it will be. I've got my own taste, also you. Bruno will always be the best for me & hooligans le whole world! n_n I knew many people out there love his song but they just don't want people to know it as they don't show how Bruno inspired them a lot by all of his songs. Just admit.

"what makes you stand as his fan?"
Even though I would never been allowed to go to any concert, but the one thing that makes me stand as his fan was the way how hooligans keep telling people what's always make them proud of being as a hooligan and their spirit of keep supporting their beloved singer. This incredibility impressed me! 

I got too many ways to tell people why why and why, It's just so unlimited. How Bruno Mars inspired me? 

Whatever will be or even everybody's telling me that Bruno don't deserves anything better,
 I always have faith in him.

"It's never late to wish my beloved singer for his proudly achievement on MTV Europe Music Award (EMA) held at Odyssey Arena Beltfast, in Northern Ireland, few days ago. He won two categories for "Best New Act and Best Push" Congratulations! n_n"

An education of session 2011 will end. Only few days left! Myami! n_n Oh ya, I just got awkward when watching Junior Masterchef on Starworld cause I can't cook perfectly like them all and they really can cook nicely at the young age. Lewl. Bye!