Ey Bi Ci Life matters

11.11.11 Friday.
11.15 p.m, In front of the Tv.

Assalammualaikum! Peace!
 Woo I will never repeat the same things anymore so you don't have to be worry k. So did I make a mistakes? Wait, can I call it as a 'mistakes'? Haha tak sesuai pulak. Okay I shouldn't take this matter seriously, but who are you to judge me? I'm happy with my life and I don't even need some free advice from any 'bad strangers, well hello?!' to change me cause I've my own faith, my own self-possessed that can make me more & more & more better than you do. All of you, yes you le readers might not understand what I'm talking about hahaha okay it's good to babble out all of the shit things in order to get satisfying. 
Seems like pain has been my only friend. Uncontrolled mind. Unstable mood. blb blb blb. *pokerface.jpg*

Oh. Please don't waste this precious time! Sorry, I won't waste your time by reading this. I'm sure!
But since this is my blog, I have my right to speak out what is on my mind. Ops! Stay tuned.

Today hari jumaat, yes peaceful jumaat. I've already wasted my half day again, okay that's what I wrote about on my twitter. This is a weakness from not being in the school! Forever nak duduk rumah but one day I 'll miss my beloved school for sure. Ah biasa lah time cuti rindu pulak kan, time sekolah rasa nak balik! Typical.

For the past few days, We've returned all those heavy form 4 text books to the real owner, I mean the second owner after government, well you know, SPBT and my friend told me just now, we have to take the form 5 text book on 29 december. Time flies so fast and aku memang tak sangka ah ah ah kan I'll turning to 17 next year! 5 5 5 5 5 Looks so heavy, direct to a huge responsibility that I need to have in store Let's see what the future holds for me. Ouh btw, All the best to SPM candidates! Wish you luck guys! Caiyok! n_n

Life's too short for the nonsense things. But I can't remove them all 'unnecessary things' from still being in my life. 

Life's too short to walk away from something good, life's too short for tears, life's too short for movie marathons, life's too short to have regrets, life's too short to follow someone else is path, life's too short to worry why your boy didn't call you :p 

Did you get what I meant? The pointers of 'Life's too short bla bla bla' that I've displayed above means a lot to those who have forgotten to enjoy life which is really very short. Yeah, that's me. Oh, itu aku, oh. haha I should put a ruthlessness to cut out the pointless stuff so that I can spend my precious time & focus on what's important, cool, fun, huh what else? haha.

Some of my ways to waste the time 
Be judgemental and gossipy. Pergh aku suka gosip kot. Sikit ah. Hahahahahahahaha ok overact. You know It's just fun to share the latest hot news about someone. More to a good things than a bad things ah. Huh nak judge aku kaki gossip ah tu. tembak kang! Annoy my little brother. We argue every day and my day won't be perfect if I can't annoy him at least once! hahaha, Best lah! Best benaran lorh. Getting involved in too many different social media sites. Facebook, twitter, three words, blog, formspring, youtube. 

Me, talking to the mirror. "Hey why you're so dumb huh?"

Sometimes you need to walk alone, just to show you can.
Do enlighten me why I have to put my trust on it? Prove me what can show me that I can? What?

How about 'leave the unnecessary behind?' Way to go! If I can.