It's time to change

For the past years, I've been having difficulty posting something on this blog. I didn't have much ideas or inspiration so far because when I look at the others blogger, they got many ideas and their writing really impressed me. Deep thinking needed as to produce a nice messages or something about you that you want to share with people out there. It's kinda hard for me to express and release how does my mind thought about. I'm not good at writing. I started to have a blog because I wanted it to be a place where I can share with everybody about my life, how I overcome my problems, being as a teenager, photography, the way we lived in the universe, both mine and others around me. Haha tapi for the first time, I'm really on that path, but soon everything is a mess. I used this blog to release my tension & sometimes aku main taram je! lol something that I can call it as a craps.

I actually got inspired by some of the famous bloggers when I'm on facebook, I'm doing blogwalking and it makes me look forward to few new things. Why don't I try something new? But I really know that I can't write perfectly though. I'm who I am. I don't need to be others. I admit I have ample of grammatical and typographical errors in most of my past post, wow really! 

This blog was really helped me out from any problems which I should remind what am I doing for the past few months or days, by checking those through listed entry, It's gonna be really easy! It's just like scorecard for me to know how I balance my work life. Take my words!

But then, it's not easy as I thought, I should think about another things that is really important but I didn't take it as serious matter. I started to doubt that people would want to read me. I told myself it's not easy to attract readers and they will only interested in smart & clever pieces about writing kan? Just tak nak this blog as if that was something icky and wrong somewhere. People do change, so once I realized my entry become so blank, less interesting and something lack, I lost my interest to sharing here. Seriously.

Twitter's getting bored, Yes, maybe I'm the only one who think about it, but others don't. I can see that my timeline goes so fast, everybody wants to tell the world how does their feeling and make a best tweet, got many RT's then. Time flies so fast, I couldn't remember anything black or flat along this year. For sure, I've got too many memories that I shouldn't ever forget.

Choky & Chombi. They're the best that I've ever had.

Oh yeah I should share it here. I sadly found one of my rabbit named Chombi dead for past few days. My rabbit was sick and in the evening, I can see her red eyes and I worried to much about my rabbit's condition. My rabbit just doesn't want to eat unlike usual, she's the one who's very fast on grabbing foods. I went out after the match Malaysia vs Myanmar to check and my rabbit was seemingly dead. I tap her for so many times but too sad cause she doesn't move at all :'( She was laid on her side with her feet facing her face. R.I P Chombie.

Lets support our beloved Malaysian footballer tonight, Harimau Muda. Yeah! You'll always have our support ok! And I'm really sure this match gonna be a tough game! Huge support needed untuk membenam & mendiamkan barisan penyokong Indonesia. Lawatan Merah tadak hal, tapi spirit yang malaysian bawak If God Wills It, they will be able to achieve gold sea games! 

One more thing, I've changed my blog's appearance, overall. I don't want to be looked as a kid anymore because kid don't like to be judged. So, I opened up to all my readers, do judge me if you dare. hahahaha*hat off.jpg* Till we meet again bye! n_n