I'm truly headed for a breakdown bebeh!

Written by Aryna. 16 Teenage Lady.
26.11 In the kitchen hahaha.

Just now, I thought of something that I don't know before, but now! I really did it! Well, that's not my biggest achievement at all, but after a long time I had an intention to do that, Finally, it happened one night. At the age of 16, I supposed to know everything that I should know due to my growing age as simple word that I need to be take care of. I'm going so ashamed If I didn't have an opportunity at all to find out the meaning behind a word. A word. Yes 1 easy word that I don't know until last night. The word 'Naive' Please don't laugh quietly so hard. It doesn't mean that I just don't know this one word, but I'm headed for breakdown only If I don't know this word. I am so lame but not lame enough. hahaha Oh god that's not funny! but I admit, sometimes I'm lame to the max! what a suicide confession isn't? Well, I don't think so.

So, the word 'Naive' sometimes I got confused within these word 'Naif & Daif' That's so awkward but I really put much an effort to finding out what's the meaning both sides of it. Naive or in Malay we called it as Naif. Ok based on what I've read about, this is my way of elaborating naive's meaning.

Naive means Ignorant, nothing serious, something 'polos' which you're heading to the artless, too simple and guileless

I simply made an observation, all of the meaning that I mentioned to you just now can be related with Lacking Worldly & having a natural living. For me, this kind of person doesn't even think that their life was so bored or going to be so bored. They're just living in a way of following the other people with the feeling of unsophisticated, so unaffected, so easy! Whatever it is, they're having too straight of path that they didn't even know which is life got too many obstacle and 'branch of way' to create our own self-possessed and they way they are. This is my opinion. Every people has their own opinion. I have right too. No hard feelings. Other than that, Naive also can be called as uninformed, lacking in knowledge or information especially when it comes to the uninformed public. At the same time, inexperienced of obstruction and instruction are seriously effected with the meaning of Naive.

Other than that, I had made my simple search of the difference between the word 'understand & understood' I've told you right? Sometimes, I can be so lame. I never cared. Ok I couldn't spot the difference between both of it hahaha and yet I'm feeling so lazy and don't have an idea. You just have to Click here for further information. Only if you want to.

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Before I end my speech, I've got something to share with the readers. I don't take this so serious and I don't even think that this a big problem for me or people out there but you must think before you act so damn mysterious! haha. I can't enter her blog anymore. It seems that she has changed her blog address anyway. It's okay. When I make my first step to enter her blog. I can see too many bruno mars's pictures and she wrote "I'm truly one of a hooligans member" Hooligans is the name of Bruno Mars fan club. For another example, Beliebers is the name of Justin Bieber fan club isn't? Ok.
I swear, if I could know this matter will be turned into a fight thing, I will never have an intention at all to ask her that! By the way, this's how the conversation begun. Bold are so me.
Omg! I found the other hooligans here! Lets be friend. I told her.
What's the matter with you? You don't know me, how could you judge me in that way?! She replied.
Err? I didn't get it? Please enlighten me for what have you said to me just now, please? I asked her.
Did I talking to a blind girl or You couldn't read at all?! You make me mad!
Oh shit, actually what's the fvking matter with you girl! Did I do anything wrong? You're so rude! 
Fuck You! This words suits you very well. I'm not hooligan! You came to my blog & you judged me just like that? You don't even know who I am! She told me.
My patience has its limit okay! I only said that I found another hooligans here! Is it wrong?! I thought you're one of the hooligans member? We stand as Bruno Mars is fans! You're so annoyed!
Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm so ashamed of myself! I'm just shocked for what have you said to me at first, I can't think well before I'm going slightly mad to you. Oh Yes, I'm one of a hooligans member.
Oh I see. You're overact but it's okay people make mistakes. Your act, so damn mysterious!
I just realized it. Once again, I'm so sorry :'| 
So I am. I'm leaving.

Misunderstanding. Hooligan is just the same as gangster. I'm so sure that she was really 'walk of guilt'  hahahahahahahahah! Ya allah, I need to calm myself. I'm Huge Fan of Bruno Mars n_n