Inseparable friends

Keep you friend closer, and your enemies closer.
Be friend is one of the sources to develop a good relationship. As we general say,  interpretations must be honesty, straightforward to each other. They ought to agree each other's opinion and encouragement and they won't walk away when troubles and problems come to them but they willing to give their hands to interfere all of the challenges together without any fear but respect. That's the meaning of friend by me.
Truth seeking

According to my self-esteem in friendship, I've realized friends who take an advantages from each other are just like people who don't have any though confidence level in their own self. We can see 'friends' nowadays, They approach and start to love you when they really need you, but then they never regard you or willingly to turn the favor when you really need them. This super can show us how and why my friends betrayed me all the time. Every friendship would have a an argument. We'd never ask for it, but it's a fate. That's the way of us to prove are we really can be called as a 'best friend' to them or they are really suit to be our 'best friend' at all. Through out all of the incidence that happened to me before, its assured me that some of my friends were selfish, foolish, dramatic and so distrustful. They can also grab everything you have and gone for permanently.

It's been years I didn't meet some of my primary school friends, normally loose contact. For me, primary school was all about 'best friend' No distraction. Whatever it is, all of my friends in the primary school wasn't as a big matter for me. So, since I was in high school, I've met several best friends. I knew, we could get so many friends of the year but yet only several of them the best for you either for me. Such of happiness made us even closely like blood brother, we were intimacy doing all the things together, particularly we also helped each other when there fights beside us might as well. Yes, friends could give hand to you to be succeed. but.. can you find at least one friend as what I've mentioned to you just now? Trust me, that's so hard but possible to find.
Jealousy is the main issue, because as much as they would luke to show that they share our joy, somewhere deep within them, there is a sense of jealousy. Don't let jealousy ruin the friendship.
I hate when my friends tired of dealing with me and feels our friendship is dead. Totally dead. Even though you hurt me so much before, but still, I love you and you're the best that I'd ever had. Tapi Yelah semua keras kepala tak nak terima kesalahan diri sendiri. Seems like our friendship has fade away and you've turned to being others is best friend. I'm not mad, but where is our spirit to preserve our friendship that we created for years? Big questioning here :'( I just love my past where everything was so right.

However, I'm so grateful that I have them in my life. Even though we would be in a big argument, but we always try to find the best solution for it. We don't know about the future, but still we remember each other!

I just wanted to tell you guys how much you mean to me!

So, who are your friends, choose wisely. No man is an island, friends are important! I pray that you also me will find true friendship and the best soul mate for us in our life. They are precious and play very important role in our lives. I'm not doing my best to move on like I should because I need them so much! but I will try harder from today forward to be a very best friend to them. Writing this has helped me a little bit. Take care always my dear friends! xx

P/s However, not all people have close friend. For me, those people who know where you live and visit you often to share mutually with you can qualify to be close .___. a a love you like a love song baby...