Malaysian footballer retains Gold Medal!

I feel like want to scream out loud this time! Alhamdullilah, and I would like to congratulate our Malaysian footballer under-23 national squad successfully retains their gold medal at the 26th SEA Games in the final against Indonesia after defeating Indonesia 4-3 on penalty kicks after the teams drew 1-1 at the Utama Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta! xx Wuhu I'm one of the Malaysians Footballer Fans and seriously what a tough match right? My heart skipped several fast on that time, Oh god, I'm really dead! Haha how funny but I'm really proud of Skuad Harimau muda kita jyeah for winning this final match.

Walaupun first half started with Indonesians went ahead through a goal from Gunawan Dwi Cahyo after four minutes (If I'm not mistaken) as he headed from a first contact, Okto Maniani corner! Grr, I don't know how does my heart said and I was like "Adoi, this is what I'm afraid of abah!" But this first goal of Indonesians has really put Malaysian Team on the back foot & scrambling to make their way back into the match! But then Our national football team scored an equaliser through 'Abang asra' in the thirty-five minute header from 'abang Bad' is cross! Ya allah, I love this spirits!

I actually too lazy for telling others the same thing over and over again, yang pasti bloggers banyak berpusu pusu mengupdate entri kemengan skuad harimau muda kan! let me get to the straight, at the second half saw both team share equal amounts of goal. At last, with both teams unable to find more goal for 'Victory Net' in natural play, the game was sent into extra time! For the penalty kicks, 'Abang Bad' is strike sealed victory for the Harimau Muda, who retains to defend their gold medal! Malaysian footballer have a lot experienced players to face the penalties part, especially our talented goalkeeper, Abang Apek. This is the spirit that our national team must show when playing against Syria. I know they can do very well.

That's it, this is enough to prove that we won not because of luck! What a sweet victory!

Twitter users! We should make a gathering okay lepas ni! hahaha I love our cooperation especially when Malaysia's match. Football match's supporters from twitter gangs gila gempak! Me, love you so much! I hope we can meet each other soon! If Allah Wills It, amin! n_n I don't like to see people keep bashing each other and please no one deserves the harsh words, baik Malaysian, Indonesians you should't let your bad temper out of control and do mind our own manners! 

One more thing, please don't be jelly of what I've been called the players above, abang abang abang, hahaha I'm just kidding, no hard feelings. Well, we've been friends since we were in diapers. hehehe sorry. Aku memang kuat perasan, please ignore. That's all for today! See you in the next entry n_n

All the best to the national squad for the Olympic qualifying match at the Bukit Jalil national Stadium tomorrow.