Secure and confident in yourself

Picture taken by Axiim Pixie Studio

May I begin my first sentence with 'The fuck'? lol hahaha It's okay, I already begun the sentence. What a crap that I created just now .__. So,  I want to take only for a moment to spread my anger, just to show that me, as the purchaser where I have a right to propose all of my dissatisfaction towards Maxis line! Haha cruel enough? Well, I'm cool like that. GRRR I don't know, I've been using Maxis almost 6 years and this is my first desire to expose the problems that I'm experiencing right now. I admit, I always have an intention to change my Caller Ringtone before I must pay for it. Yes, I craved for it so much before but it just the past. Maxis got their own trick to trap me, so that I could not change my Caller Ringtone according to what I used to do. Wow! Nice trick bebeh!

Maaf, Servis Tergendala. *Ayat nak kena tempeleng*
Grrr Kepale Otak Hang! Kendali caller Ringtone, I have stumble to this fucker shit page and the same words appeared over and over again! Once aku topup, RM6 terus hilang! I spent my RM6 only for the caller ringtone that I purchased. Wow, what a dirty tactic Maxis! One more, I will change my line to Celcom as soon as possible but most of my friends using Maxis Hahaha I'm so fuddled

Hi. Humane. Time to come back to le real world. Please welcome me home.
I woo the old-fashioned way before but anything that I was very sure to help me, doesn't lead me to any  important signal for me to go on referring to what I wish. A whisper and spirit, that's all what I need. Why is everything so complicated?! haha aduh false expectations lagi! Wa lemas beb! Lemas. *Bagi pelampung cepat* Me? the one who keep up to date with the new fashion? Trend? Style? what else? Oh No bebeh. I don't wear short skirt when I go out, I don't apply any heavy make up, I don't even use high heels. In fact, I'm a girl who wear Hijab and yet I'm so happy for what have I dressed up! hahha korang boleh tengok kan, how many sexiest girls out there yang cuba nak jadi paling ngetop?! Duh girls, come one! Why try to be someone else? Tepikir jugak why do people act so senseless .____. Ya Allah.
It's normal when the girls feels insecure towards themselves, but be confident for what have you gotten is one of the most special thing! Be grateful for what we have and don't torment yourself for something unnecessary k. 
Most girls can be so insecure & psycho because of blogshop, beauty magazines that shows us how to styling yourself, and the way people look at you etc. If one friend of yours said ugly word about anything you wore that abashed you so much, do stand as people who has their own attitude, we came form different races, distinction of thinking. In fact, we're all the same, but the attitude differentiate the way we live. The feelings, yes we all care a lot what other people say and that can make us feel damn insecure. Well at least, you being yourself cause that's 'the best you' for sure! Note that.

Take a rational approach to each problem you face so that you are no longer inhibited by debilitating fears or beliefs. We belive we can fly, we believe we can touch the sky! hahaha Oh Ya before I end my speech yang tak berapa ni kan :p I would like to thank you guys for those birthday wishes on 7 December especially to the Facebookers. I got 800+ birthday greetings and all I can say is, Thank you so much and I was tickled pink you guys took the time to wish me. Haha I didn't blog out any birthday entry like I used to.

I just love to use 'blockquote part' when blogging haha so annoying.
+ Have you heard a song from Yuna titled Super Something? Not yet? Check it out! xx Assalammualaikum.