Thanksgiving 2011

Assalammualaikum eberibadiyh! Lets party! Tiba tiba. Ok back to normal. Just a quick update...
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How's your holiday going so far? Everything's good? Hopefully, very well. 2011 is over,  1st day of 2012 and more days ahead and hey students, it's our back to school countdown. Be happy please?! Haha :p Pejam celik pejam celik, I really noticed early in the morning how fast time flies yet I'm going into my senior year of school on 4 January! Hehe so hello my juniors, Are you ready for your cute seniors baby? Hahahahaha Obviously I can't wait for 2012 to begin and perhaps, I won't miss 2011 though. I think there are better times ahead as well, Insyaallah. Alright, I love this courage hahaha, It makes me look forward to what's coming up in my life! It's about, 'Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow' Gotcha! *Jumping on the bed*

 May Allah bless our lives. Families, friendships, relationships, bloggers/readers, Twitter babes, Facebook friends, haters, nice strangers, classmates, teachers and people around the world, deep from my heart 'You guys are the best and wonderful creatures ever after'! Not forgotten, for the great times and days we had, I really appreciate it. So much.

Naturally, I learned so much about myself and what is truly important in my life. Well, Every day, I'm growing up and soon I'll be tall, maybe. Hehe, I became close to the people who I know will be there for me through think and thin. I never thought I'm going to make those moments this far, I did and I'm pleasant. 2011, Thanks for being so sexy and gorgeous although it became as a 'pretty average year to hateful' sometimes. Failed relationship doesn't affect me at all. Mental breakdown, still can be controlled. Dirty minded going to explode someday. Worst fear, please back off! but my wasted tears...can't get it back hjfasufbafk Ok. It's good to be honest isn't it? Proud to say, I'm stronger than before. Alhamdullilah.
So 2011, Thanks for being part of my journey, my sadness, my happiness, my regret, my mistake and failure, prejudices and etc. Huh, Roll on 2012 and a happy prosperous new year to all of you! Have a great life ahead, May Allah bless all of us. Amin Amin Amin.
Actually, I never really miss any year because I always have a new year to look forward to. If Allah Wills It, everything is going to be fine! But I will miss all memories I had before. For me, Memories and experiences are the most valuable treasure in every year we have been through. Hold my words. I have to let you go, *hands up* Good bye 2011! Everyday I'm shuffling.. hentak hentak kaki..Multiple times lol

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I'm ready for new experiences of 2012, new changes, new beginnings! Ya Allah, please guide me.
I hate making list of what things I hopefully will do nor be in 2012 year. I won't fulfil it and I'm very sure of that because it's hard to keep those promises list I made when I was strong and super happy. SPM year, please be nice and adorable. I'm expecting too much from you. So true.....  Happy new year! May all of you enjoy each day in comfort and this year brings us many hopes and opportunities to be more successful in future yet the best of luck! "Life is just mirror and what you see out there, you must first see inside you" I do really love quote, they help me get over the pain and laugh, it really does. Big hugs to the readers and thanks for reading! 

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