Time flies so fast & it's already March!

Hi 94's. Today, March 1 2012. Have you already started counting down the days..................Next year will be my turn of results. Wishing all the best to all of you especially to my ex-seniors. May you pass with flying colours! Amin.

lol I crawled on the bed often since my night have been spent with pleasantly awkward for the mountains of homework. I should put my full concentration on what I learn, on what I see, on what I hear & etc.  Seriously, these words was really come out from my mouth. I bet my classmates hardly to believe me 'Is that you?' 'What a relief" lol you guys are kidding me deeply but who cares.. Nahh I used to be very naughty before but Hello? I've changed and please, show me your support instead of accusing nor labelling me for something I don't? Mind your manners to me. I'm human.. we're under the same sky, am I right? Correct me if you live in the blues clues world, perhaps? (¬‿¬)

For the past two months, I participated in many competitions yet it made me more comfortable with this last year of senior period. I just can't imagine how my life would it be after school session ended!! January, February. I've made these two months way too serious & complicated with many tasks of my own and from redaction as well. It's just not easy as I thought before. I'm holding a heavy responsibility due to my position in Redaction conference. Multimedia Chief. Design & product must be fresh-full & up to stylish. School-folk was really put their trust on us to contribute something special outside the box in order of suitability and courage in producing a very nice-great school magazine....ZzZzZ "I'm counting on redaction crews, please make me proud of your achievement" It doesn't wrong to count on us, but please don't put your trust too much. Something bad manage to happen unexpectedly. We don't ask it to happen but who knows? We'll try our very best and don't worry everything will be so immensely done for us. Insyaallah...

Okay time's up! I should really study now. Pray for me and this quick update just to show you guys that I'm still alive btw. LOL see you guys next time, in the same place but in the different time. LOL once again. Err there's something awkward with my words. Hahaha Till we meet again. xOxO.

p/s: I'm just absent from school today! Nothing left to do other than studying all the time huh. I hate being sick ._.