Bury the hatchet

Assalammualaikum. Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslims (; May Allah shower us with His Mercy and have a blast raya all! It’s been almost five month since I left this site according to my busy-bee life. Omg my life’s just extremely happier like a boss! *I’m good at lying* *bows* Well I don’t think that I haven’t had a time for an update, it’s just… I’m too lazy to write because my laziness keep striking me all the time & make myself constantly stay away from a blog I built instead of constructing my mind to go for a blog-walking  like I used to do ‘such a hard nut to crack’ lol & thinking roughly just to share a dozen of an ‘absurd’ story here. Lol. I’d rather been on Twitter all this while! Its way too easy as abc as to stay connected with the people around and to catch up some new-born issues asap.

*Problem I’m facing* Have you heard of idiom that says “A rotten apple” dear readers? I mean someone who is likely to have a bad influence on others? Well, a case in point, this type of person is always around to make you stray way too far from your exact intention! I bet, one of the people surround you must at least have this kind of attitude right? So how to overcome this matter seriously? I asked my my dad and this is what he said…
“Your life is your choice. If you think it’s better to secure your feeling first, just go away from them, but if not, then don’t.” Omgucccciiiii. *Hesitation comes*
I had an operation on July 25th at KPJ Selangor because of the unexpected thing grew hugely (5cm) in my body. I’ve absent sadly from school for almost three weeks but now, I get my normal routine back. Alhamdulillah, just to share on my sites and kindly don’t judge. I didn’t mean to please everyone about I just had an operation & bla bla bla yada yada. Oh ya! Gladly to show you guys this well-wishes card…

A sincere wishes from my classmates (; x Truth is, they’re so cute & lovely tho! I find this senior year could bring more joyous like  a blessing in disguise which a thing that you don't recognize at first. People thought that living in form 5 moments would be so busier right? Do widens your mind & lets have a breath of fresh air  of a real life (;  Love you guys till Jannah n.n. Lets make our teacher proud of our achievements!! 5DK can do it!

Oh come on! I’ve strayed a lot from the exact topic! Sorry... Oh yeah! It’s Eid-Dul-Fitr day! So soft in the head XD Haha! This year of Raya doesn’t mean a lot to me as it’s my senior year which I need to get myself ready for an examination on November 5th also for the upcoming trials right after Eid!! Depressed! So to the SPM candidates, how’s your preparation so far? “I’m dead meat” “I’m ready!” “Not as good as what I expected” “70 percents, maybe?” or else… whatever it is, all the best for the upcoming Trials and SPM Please! Pray for my success, loves! Allah blesses you (;

Had a great day with my family  So, I picked the pictures randomly for a better read & show. Enjoy! *Cut a rug*

*Ignore the face of mine that would make your throat feel sick* *crocodile tears*

 In my opinion, life re-imagined through the photographs taken and somehow photos keeps the memory alive. So get your feet wet and try to be familiar with cameras hahaha lol. Serious talk. Perlis Indera Kayangan. I love it and glad that My kampung is in Perlis which means I can find the bearing as my family will move to Perlis after my dad's retired. Cost a bomb! That's all for this week (: Have a nice day ahead...