5 Darulkhuldi 2012: Twinkling of an eye

It may seem like the Twinkling of an eye of reminiscence but..... it remains forever... and,

Assalammualaikum!! So how's your day going?! Fabulous?! Yes, you should!
It's just sad to know that I'm going to leave my school life & will be having more goodness of living and obstacle fortune cases in future. Yeah it's so pathetic to make a story on here just to share why should I be so sad about leaving kind of precious moments built in this secondary school indeed. There's people who will be in the same feelings as mine but some might not. Well, I'm not really good at expressing sob words to make you guys feels so sorry to me & I don't want it to be. I stay positive by always reminding what I've set to do is that "I'm going to blog everything that's crossed my mind about school tale no matter what, just to keep it alive & fresh.. but not to wound the feelings. Not today, but someday" (;
So yeah, here I go..

Well, since I am one of the SPM takers for this year, I am heading towards tougher moments. To make it clear, I am not saying that SPM’s such a burden matter to me and as what I've said, it’s all about school, especially the classmates. About all the times we have had together, the silly things we have been through no matter what, the spirits of having great experiences all this while, the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned.. that is what I'm going to leave for about 1 month from now? Two years of friendship does make sense. Is that two years such a terribly short time to me? To be honest, yes! Why can I say that? Well if I have got much time just to list down everything we had, even when I am dying about to die, it would not be enough for me. Why? Because the every single thing we did, gave a thousand meanings behind and the beauty changes to our feelings though. Omg I am so high of sense now, you got to feel me now. I'm extremely love my senior life.

To my dearest awesomeness classmates of two years like forever omg haha, 4 Darulkhuldi 2011 & 5 Darukhuldi 2012.. I just wanted to make a reunion thought of feelings & moments just to make everything keeps alive, somehow a bunch of photographs can't help people to stay in the situations they perhaps to be in, or even making some flashbacks but we can feel the sentiments inside for at least because something slightly crosses your mind. Isn't it good babes? Yea n.n So here I'm gonna share the photographs as many as I can about my classmates!! xo

 I would like to say many things for the every pictures I posted in here. Just a slightly captions.. but doesn't it too many to be explained for... Haha. I thought we got so many attitudes to be shown here but just for a moment. I must keep the rest with me as the provisions for my old years. You know what? I never thought of posting something like this during 16 because we're not so close to each other but everything's being drastically different now and that's amazing^^ Make the huge of precious steps forward, break the fear, befriend with spirit and never looking back because believe in ourself is one of the beautiful things to do (-;

The boys: Faizal, Hazi, Adli, Izzat, Jafni, Daniel, Faiz, Najib, Razin, Hazwan, Luqman, Najid, Afiq, Azim, Nabil, Adi & Umair.
The girls: Hamidah, Aina, Alyana, Sadida, Nabila, Anis, Yaya (Surayya), Maira, Syera, Ain, Paae (Afifa), Odah, Salo (Farah) Finaz, dedek (Syahira), Aisyah, Laila, Una, Adawiyah, Najiha, Syikin, Farinie & Syazwani. 

UPDATED: Congratulations guys as it's official we (5 Darulkhuldi) have been crowned as the winners of "Kelas paling kreatif & ceria 2012" 
"Thank you guys for being so so and so incredibly amazing throughout the years! I vow no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back together. Ok. Make a reunion once a year is just plain enough huh? Hahaha ;p"
As we know, we're having less than one week of SPM. So have you guys ready to interfere the education war?! I've filled up the Hostel admission form and I'm going to check in on this Saturday or Sunday, maybe. Hope everything will go smoothly & fantastic for me, InsyaAllah.. Spreading all the best & good luck wishes to all SPM candidates 2012 for the upcoming battle, I'll pray for you guys and may Allah ease our hardship & make things easy for us, Amin. "!!SPM بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ, ارينا دان صحابة ممتاز في,"
Take care, loves.