High school wasn't meant last forever

Assalammualaikum :)
It's great day while writing at the tranquil place with nobody put their crappy mouths on during this cooling evening, it's fantastic to have a break time after a month of SPM revision, looks totally swag tapping on the keyboard after so long, how cute am I looking at the screen with a big smile on the face haha (shows a big relief), awkwardly feels adorable to finally stay at home and have a socializing time like I used to do before, a messy room but comfortable to do anything I'd like to, how great when I immensely freaking need to write about everything! It's awkwardly strange but I manage to get it along with the best part of me! I just love how my life goes in the hostel with friends and it such a new gained-experience for having a month to keep my life a little bit away from the internet and TV programmes. That was just adorably exciting moments to be exact! SPM is over, I took my last paper on 6 December and had it finished at 4pm in a fine cloudy day!
Image source: Hashima Hashim

*flashbacks* Ingat semua tentang kita... It was the best night ever in order to grab all the satisfaction and release from a hardness after having a struggle time to face the examinations as everyone turned out to be soooo and soooooo adorably amazing with all the hidden talents haha! It's a good time to have our friends around, singing together, variously dancing like there's no tomorrow, celebrating the time left with joyous and never get tired of crazing, night BBQ, playing games and etc. Really gonna miss all of them in perfect way, for sure!! As 7 december, a day right after the last paper, was my birthday. I really had a great moments and seriously that was the best of my birthday surprise I ever had!!!!! Thanks a lot, loves! You guys are Wows! Ain, Adibah, Anis, Syera, Yaya, Maira, Nabila, Syera, Aimi & Beeb! For having you guys in my life is just plain enough seriously, much appreciated! :') I'm feelingggggg soooooo terribly in sweet seventeen on that time hahahaha omg I'm really happy sorry if I'd annoyed you. It's just a mountain of golden feelings that I can't waste from it to be haha.
Sometimes a tiny little things are enough to make a sticking moments right on your mind, as long as it could give you a thousands of apple pie star feeling, its seriously helped to give you a lot of meanings behind 
SAMT Sultan Hisamuddin members. The teachers, the clerk, friends, Koperasi, Atok kantin, Pakcik Emy, Counseling room, the classes, whiteboards, library, APD, toilets haha, gazebo, SPBT, Al bukhari hall, green rooftop, alien moments, etc. And I would miss the every competition entered. I still remembered the time when I couldn't stand anymore as I have to get my 800m run track finished in the sunny day during 2011 sport day hahaha and I saw many pictures of my fallen in the cameras. Though it looked like an embarrassing moment after all, but I found it's good memory to be remembered of. So, whenever you're going for a sport,  have a breakfast in the morning & take a time to make a regular exercise before competing. It's really important to do!! Just... yeah! x

You know, A life after the school life wasn't fantastic as you think. I've nothing to do in a day whereas I got a lot of house chores to do but it's fucking bored as I did the same thing everyday. I feel homeless. Different. I need something different to do! I told my mum to finally have my own driving license and try to find a job on this breaks :') That is what we (ex students) immensely loved to do lol don't be jealous my junior I thought you're having a great time by covering all the SPBT books for next year and make sure to put your name in the book also so you won't have to pay for the fine at the end of 2013. Good luck! Lol. Ugh shit I don't want to be such a virus to everyone's head haha. Okay. I've a lot of unplanned things to do to be exact but got no qualities in purchasing what are suitable to cling on for this kind of holiday. My sister ask me to find a job in KLIA as she's working there, my brother was in Melaka and does try to ask me whether I'd like to work for his studio or else, I just should find a job of my own here. I'm hesitated.

I went to the cinema with the classmates fr the past few weeks. I think we should have more after this regarding of the time limitation we had that was forced us to go back home earlier than we thought we have to, but still I'm so grateful as we were at least had so much fun together during this holiday! I'm waiting fr the reunionzzz babess! I'm waiting! Waiting... but inside the lines lol *GC is everywhere* Hey just so you know, I'm no longer a school student next year and its become so awkward to me as I'm standing silently to see my brother with his school necessary things while me..... Haaaa yeah so just forget about it because I have so many of future task that is waiting for my arrival. Lol.
So till we meet again guys :) Arn: xoxo