Thanksgiving post: 2013, I'm counting on you.

     So this 2012 has made so many changes to me yet to the people encompass me. I have never thought the year could end so fast that I haven't realized but thankfully, I'm still alive. Alhamdulillah. We have heard too many rumors about the marked date of the end of the world, about the horse style dancing of oppa gangnam song phenomenon, the mayans also the calendar whatsoever. Listen, when the world end is immensely Allah's secret. To be clear, nobody knows it including our prophet itself, Nabi Muhammad SAW. Yes, the day would come but please just do whatever Allah wanted us to do instead of talking uncontrollably such an epiphany, diffusing like you do know everything and took the unsure things seriously that you find it so hesitating to deeply understand with. Oh come on! Just keep on praying and make everyday quiescent to suffuse the enchanted life :)
  I thanks Allah 'azza wa jalla for everything, You guide me through my pain & weaknesses, for every protection You provided, for the right ways to my life goals You presented, fulfils all the needs of the members, for making things easy for myself, families & friends, for enlighten me what should I have do, for the health You granted, for every happiness, strength & luck You donated, for giving me a bunch of wonderful friends, for the blessing You has bestowed upon us, for awarding me so many unforgettable memories throughout the year, but still....... word couldn't express how much I'm loving those chances given by Allah to me. You know the feeling of  relief when everything turns out well, right? Thanks to my parents for the emotionally, financially support all the time, for always extending hands to help. I love you both unconditionally. Aaaaaaa be grateful. It's innumerable! x lovely!

     Oh ya, how can I drastically change my life way of 2013 that is only few hours to go?! I have so much attentions in my head that I wanted to organize & establish all of them up on 2013 but as usual, how can I cling tightly to those intentions and get everything done successfully by next year? Ugh god, I'd never know how to stay positive or else bring myself to it. I did exploring my passion and wrote it on a piece of list-to-do paper cut, made some inspiring memo and stick it to the wall, doing a few of courage lines but I ended up ignoring all of 'em and seeing my room get mess because of the fallen papers everywhere. I'm a breaker, rules breaker. It's my problem and I don't find the exact way to fix it. I'll just.... left it behind & do my stuffy things, get happy with friends, be on Twitter for long hours, have a good date with Tv, novels, eat, just eat, and get fat. How can I overcome this matter?! How can I find a great excess, overabundance? Idk Idk Idk Idk. Right, that was the answer. What do you expect me to say? Hahaha sadly I think that I'll just transfer my 2012 unfulfilled intentions to 2013 and next hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I'm laughing hysterically see I'd never been serious of my intentions ugh god, I should be more serious next time.
    2013 Welcome to my life! (Should I say that? Just let me be) May all the passing days ahead will always be filled with felicitous, panacea, strength, valuable memories & success, good fortune, love, productive year & barakah from Allah SWT
     I wish, the upcoming new year will always be by my side to fulfill what I have wanted so much all of this while, a year of infinite success! I wanna grow up better, a knowledgeable girl, a very successful one, got accepted in the course I applied, a heart of courage, a mind of will, an excellent result 10A's for my SPM InsyaAllah, get an amazing job for the future, car by myself, husband and kids...get old together.. Living happily with families. Omg is it that bad for wishing? I guess not. May all of it come true, Amin. Hey, the aroma of 2013 welcomes you! Lets make the best of it okay! Wish you guys an unlimited reasons to smile! Me, exuberant? Yes I am. I thought this post would be so boring without a picture in? Yeah I'll put one haha.

Isn't it blandiloquent? Source: HD Wallpapers

     One Goal One Spirit One Determination. Haha what's this line stand up for? Yep! PLKN! Well, I'm not selected for PLKN 2013 ๏̯͡๏ I'm about to fill up the application form for volunteers before but my mum doesn't let me to do so because of the operation I had on September does give me an implication. If I'm not mistaken, Jan3/4/5th is the departure day, right? So, all the very best to my selected friends, I hope everything will turns out well physically & mentally. I'll pray for you guys. Whatever it is, to my great buddyz Ain & Yaya, don't forget me once you've caught so many friends there, gonna miss every irritations & silly things you both did to me and the rest :') x Oh ya, I didn't understand why some of the youths doesn't love this PLKN camps, oh man you should be grateful for being selected and whatever your reason might be, just grab the experience because at the end of it, you'll realize something useful to be succulent with! Keep on challenging & halcyon yourself because that's how life supposed to go. Have a great 3 months of training session!

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