I'm not a girl who will wake myself up early in the morning, going for a jogging with some friends, have a cup of tea right after exercising, also take my breakfast while reading the newspaper. I'm not a well-performance girl ever exist in this world. I don't know what's actually running through my head, I get confused a lot, I terribly lost my hopes when I need it, I let myself down totally like a freak one, get my confidence lower to the mantle of earth. Why?!! Hell yeah I have nothing better to do in home!!!! I'm going to blog something that was ever happened to me throughout the years I breathed. I lost an important 'medicine' in life before. Eh no, I didn't take drugs god no. It's just that losing one of the listed-happiness in life does give a lot of heartbreak like be in the doldrums for ages. Friends. Yes, that's what I mean.

     Alright lets take this problems as the things that is commonly happened to us. How weird it is, you find yourself willingly to hear them wherever they need someone to listen, lend your shoulder for them to cry on, help them supportively even they have annoyed or hurt you terribly? What was that mean to you? They treated you bad but you didn't do it in return? Thought of doing a good things would change their perception towards you in advance? Yes, that's what I was thinking at the first place but everything turned bad. Really really bad. They never appreciate it but hey I still have a lot of friends to be cared with, still have a bunch of people who will listens & accepts me for who I am then, why should I care about them? Because they once have been our half apart. Fighting over small matter? SuCh An IdIOts + DuMbaSs!

     How amazing it is, when a person who used to be your enemy once before magically turned to be your best friend? Isn't it cool?! In fact we're so close to the unexpected things, it's just time that make it happens. Somehow, their criticism could help us to be someone better, to strive the best or yourself, to mend the self-esteem to the very best of creature, to cure the weakness scars in self. Yes, enemy can be so fucking annoying that you wish to choke them to the death but hey lets think in positive way.  "Am I too better than them or else, they sees a failing in me that lead them to making a fun on me?" Both are technically accepted. How? Take both to make a courageous changes from someone better to be a someone more better than before, from a maniac one to be the wises one. That's it.

     Sometimes a joke could be so dangerous in oneness. Me & the friends ever did a mistake to someone. We never knew that she doesn't like a birthday surprise or anything related to surprise because that was exactly not her. As her birthday came & we have put too much an effort emotionally, financially but we ended up split up plus she couldn't accept our way of surprising her. That was totally sad & we turned to being strangers fr months. Sadly both sides didn't want to ask for apologizes, everyone was being too egoistic in everything, started to blame another, badmouthing to the top of the world & being selfish in every way. So how we overcome this problems? We did once do a slow talk when we actually knew that it couldn't help somehow. We just let this problems till the both sides get calmer and we tried to get along with one of them slowly and now we're best friend!! The conclusion is, get to know your friends really well before deciding to make a prank on them. We're all humans, easily get touched by some unsuitable, of course.

     Have you ever experiencing the time that we had a group of best friends, we were always together wherever we're about to go, breaks at the canteen's side of place we used to sat, get someone to accompany us to go to the toilet, we're only gossiping in the group, talking about partner bla bla AND got into fight with other groups? As I grew up, I think it's so hilariously embarrassing! Haha yada yada but alhamdulillah everything turned out well as we've had a really good senior year though :-)
     "But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life & thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine"
Sorry for no photo-ed. Words used to describes too. So, till we meet again, gang! xo Have a good days ahead. Go beyond yourself! xoxo