Examine the things around

      Wow, the family just had a massive of purifying the house and for the sake of it, I found so many hidden ‘treasures’ of mine haha and still they’re a bit of all right, so I considered them genuinely can be used at time, yeah. That’s the best main thing of cleaning the house! It’s weekend so, we thought of wasting the time of having the whole house tidied up, could be stated as an outstanding matter for the family indeed, right?! As far as we clean up the house, we had so much of great moments; well it’s good to consolidate more & knowing what the best is for us in oneness, really! To the upstairs what is left untidier, and that is obviously my room. I’ll do it later; I can’t find anything to be cleaned of (When actually my room is messed up to the max)

    Oh Alright, I was doing so many things in leisure time, as I finally have stumbled to many blogs for the past few days I had my free time on, great! But knowing I left this blog hanged up, without any reformation to be told, it’s kind of sad thing to be realize with. I was still remember the first day I blog my words in as blog was extremely popular to socialize occurred in year 2010, I can say that I’ll open this blog twice a day minimally, forming new designs for the blog. I was the Photoshop active user before, but when I stepped in to the age of 17, I were slowly put my distance away from it and gladly to mention, I were one of the hard die Twitter user but for now, I did change my perception towards Twitter, that everyone is so busy finding people’s guilt, take it as a platform to be a famous one, faking in words, glamorously be a drama king & being grouped. You know what I mean. Yes, everyone is hardly mending to expose themselves to be noticed of. Pathetic! T.T

     Things is slowly fading away, it’s temporary. So it’s compulsory for us to be grateful when we’re still be given a chance to stay with it. I thank Allah, for everything He gave to ease everything I do. Without His guidance, I’ll lose my way. I seclude my weeping silently, I toughly to show when I’m down, even my mom find it’s hard to see I’m crying because I’m kind of a secretive one but just so you know, mom’s the only one who we can depend on, tell her everything and how do you feel, she’ll comfort you in many ways, right?

     Time passes so quickly, as I’ve reached 18 this year, not so official yet but I’m exuberant enough to admit it, haha I don’t care much because I’ve always wanted to finally feel this 18 teen time. Well, it’s legal for me to watch +18 ages required for some movies! :p To see the things back then (Ice age), I went for kindergarten, primary school, tuition and of course, the secondary school. I’m changed, maturing the way I am and, my parents gets old day by day, what I’ve been throughout these 18 years were just good enough to show how things grows and how sustenance leads to the people based on the development, technologies, self-assurance and etc, Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah.When everything's growing up, so do I.

Pictures of me when I was a kid :)
     I'd never thought of growing up this fast and of course I've learnt so many things in life. I appreciate for my mama & abah's sacrifices because of their boldness of taking care of me & the siblings all this while.   I make a collage picture of myself, lols :p

     In this 18 y/o, as the SPM leaver, I always be evocative, not to torture my mind, but just wanted to stuffed the mind with 'How If' 'What If' so that I could worldly fleet to the future. How my life would be after the result that's just few weeks more to go :3 I'm not scared of it, no I don't. It's just a nervous feeling whenever people bring up this matter & it's pathetic for you to making a joke of the SPM result's released date relentless. Get enough of it & just wait for the confirmation date, can't you? Yes, there's no turning back in this world, once you entered, you will never find any serendipitous backwards unless you manage to fix it back with the second chance and as I hold tightly to these words, I want the very best of my future pathway to be. I want to grow up be a great sonorous girl, a succulent student to the institute, good daughter of my parents and ofc, a good servant to Allah Swt.
     Dad once said, people come with judgement, they have a mouth to speak their heart, they have a pair of ears to listen, and they have a couple of eyes to watch things around, whatever people say for anything you do or for the worst thing you have caused, just stay positive and never give up!
     A thank you shouts out to Mama, Abah, Along, Ajim, Aqil, brother & sister in law and dear friends! Thanks to all teachers and the schools I’ve entered before, Tadika Kemas, SK Telok Menegon, SK Seri Setiawan (Perak), SK (P) Bukit Kuda, SMK Kampong jawa & SAMT Sultan Hisamuddin for once been in my life. Hopefully, my old friends who read this still remember me! Haha and wherever you are, please stay safe! ;) School was the best thing ever happened to me!  Arn. Xo.

P/s: I'd never thought of having this kind of feeling, it's unexplainable but someone has brought it to my life & he make it strongly stay with me.