Loves & Obsessions.

As usual, everything's mixed up. That's how I blogged my life.

1.    We all live life that's everyone need something fun for at least to cherish the day, or else we will end up being bored & useless in time. Apparently, people will put more of their concentration & effort on things they'd love to do and where's their obsession addressed them to, then they will be so successful. Plus people can't stand still if they're forced to do something which are not on their right track, For example when people toughly asking you to dance but you refuses to take it as it will make you look like an idiot, but they're struggling ask you to do so and in order to maintain a good relation between you guys, somehow you just have to.

      A far cry from those up cases, there's always people who wanted to do their desires for a long time but never had a chance to begin, or maybe they're not really good in doing something they'd love for but a fat lot of good if they don't come with enthusiasm & diligence, right? One thing that always make me concern is when people strive for their best in something they haven't thought they will do. Fear. This thing make people stop to prolong their longing because we naturally afraid of failure but whoever you are, wherever you came from, if you keep cling tightly to your desires & try your hard to achieve everything you want, there's always an opened up way for you :)

A case in point, check these out, I got them all right from here they have the best of every inspirational things to make your day live to the fullest, trust me.

     To be honest, I'll try to go for a mental treatment to this website, because they could give some of medications for a hurtful or almost-give-up person. Whenever you feel down or you can't even stand on your own feet at time, seek for Allah is help, do busy things to reduce a lil bit of poison problems, find some advices encouragements & incentive from someone you can depend on, feel free to share your problems & keep calm. For the best part, ZenPecils also provided so many interesting of inspirational comics and quotes! Check these out!

        All of the comics above are seriously inspiring & to see more of their cartoon collections, do visit them at By sharing these things out, I could gain more confidence and of course I would help a person a bit at a time. I'm not saying I could manage all of my problems in a wink, but for me when we build more certainty in life, it will help ourselves to overcome all of the problems as we being so boldly outstanding to handle & putting the trouble off without even depending on others. It's good tho! Really!

2.     For you mama, happy birthday! I'm a self-reliance girl, even at this current age, I can't still be an independent person to my family, I thought I'm gonna be so fucking useless without my mom & dad. They're my everything to be exact, it's not like I'm standing on one's own, or I've been pampered since I was young, it's just everything can't be perfectly good without their guidance BUT weirdly to mention, I'll never dare to tell my parents about my problems because whatever it is, it should be my trouble & not my parents. I do asked for my mom's help a lot, but she managed to get it done for me, I knew that I wasn't always the easiest to handle, but somehow you always made me felt loved & cared although I'd made so much of disguise things towards her feeling, it may be a normal thing in treat but for me it should never supposed to be happen. As my mom have reached her 50th birthday on 1st March, I'm soo thankful that I have you as mom. You've showed me that love knows no limit & goodness meets no borders, you've possibly showed me everything, you're my strength & such a loving role in my life, thank you :)

With my best friends (Anis, Tira & Ili) @ Metro Driving Academy, Shah Alam.
3.     I've passed my QTI driving test, it was just an half of hour to proceed with the car and Alhamdulillah, I didn't make myself to a burden situations like having so much of mistakes. It's such a big relief for real because I'm so used to the wrong skills when I'm in the driving classes before, but everything went well. I hope the same for the upcoming JPJ test. My QTI instructor wasn't like a sorrowful one so I'd fun during the test! I've to take my JPJ test in two weeks later & sadly it's the earlier I could get apparently, it will be on 21 March, right after the day of SPM result! Wish me luck guys!