/I don’t really know if there had anyone who follows my stories in blog/ Bhahahaha. Rofl.

     Alright, my result was just nice and suits to every course I’ve wanted all this while. Alhamdulillah but there’s shackle in electing. I still hesitate about choosing courses to be listed in for my UPU form because there are three courses that are so into me! I did change them two times already, it was before & right after SPM results being released, luckily I’d only one chance to change them again and I’ll inevitably reshuffle all of the listed choices for the third time once my choices confirmed. I love English and it leads me to pursue in TESL but in the meantime my heart ask me to go for Mass Communication which is I’m very interested in publishing and broadcasting.  Well, journalism is quite attractive too actually hehe. I literally love writing in English and I would like to further studies on something that’s approximately to editorial management & design where’s so applicable to the publishing course in Mass Comm. I love magazines & newspaper and something to apply the layout on! That’s it, I never said my writing was so accurate, I want to learn more!

     Apart from that, I’d love to try law! One of my best friends told me to go for Islamic law, it’s like more waked up & guarded.  Yes, it is but still on my planning. On 24th March I went to UiTM’s exposition event that could really kill all of my confusions about getting into flows that I admire yet very valuable to go for! I’ve seen one of the booth that’s written ‘Pengajian Komunikasi & Media’ and yeah, I found Mass Communication booth! OMG! The spokesmen provided in it were really nice and talkative anyways! Fortunately the one who I’d asked for an explanation was the one from Principles of Publishing course! Oh yeah and he widen my thoughts in choosing this course that could help my career in future, I also manage to join neither engineering nor thing that’s weird to be related on Mass Comm (as I go for nuts a while) because the company would really need us for the publishing stuff! Fabulous!

     TESL which stands for teaching English second language, this is the first thought of mine as I stepped in to UiTM. I walked in to the wrong booth at first (it’s about bachelor in language something) but still they managed to tell me a bit about learning English and here to tell, I was one of the lucky guesses there! They asked me to try in handling quizzes for two minutes /kind of ashamed as they watched me till the end without any glance off from me/ and I actually made it! They gave me present and photographed me, maybe as the prove lol? Later on, I finally went to the right booth, and it took so long for my turn to be treated! People who were lined up for their turn, and mostly were come with confident and some are mix-blooded people. Oh god! Doubting in my potential in English came all of a sudden after seeing all of such an educated bunch of people who truly go for TESL. The question is, Can I?! I’ve searched something who shared about TESL and I found these two blog, both helped a lot!! LinDonut & AnisAshaari

     So, what should I take as a main course?!!!! I’m so confused! Alright, people told me to just keep calm and perform Istikharah to be more confident about choosing the flow. I asked for my dad & siblings’ opinion and they told me to go for course that I really wanted to pursue in. I don’t want to be greedy, I just want to make sure it will make my life-way in opportunities go huger so I won’t regret and grow up be an old sad woman. So do everyone, right?!

------------------------------An outing to be shared with, here are the pictures of us having a super great fantastic day!------------------------------
My gegirls: Anis sofea, Ili Imanina, Adibah Raman, Miera Suhaimi & Athirah Damia
     Oh yeah, me & the friends had so much fun @ Midvalley and it was few years ago which is my last time walked in to Midvalley. Nothing much to say, it was changing a lil bit as the time flies.  So filled with the enthusiasm that we bought the wrong tickets but manage to fix it back at last! Phew, it happened unexpectedly as the pro one arrived late at time! We spent too much of our money in buying foods! Meals are worth to try, they never disappoint people. Haha :p

     Bowling? Yes, we went for it but seriously I don’t know how to play bowling well, it’s like I’m going to throw the ball away and let the floor being cracked because of the ball’s weight or else I’ll constantly clean up the ditch with my throwing balls seriously. I represent myself as the second last bowler because the rest of my friends were just too good!! Gahaha lewls but at least I showed them an enhancement in throwing the balls off.  Korean room picture as we will get the pictures captured later, that was just so fun! You should try and we get in the room for about three times as we want the picture for each person. Love you all! Muahmuah! xo

*Omg I'm so excited for Oh My English season two! They serve people with more celebrities!*