It's just around the corner!

Just a quick update.

     Plenty of my friends did asked me either I’d a dream about getting my SPM result or I just acted simply nothing with this remaining days till the SPM result release date. Guys, for your information, it wasn’t me who had a dream about anything related to my SPM result, it’s my mom who has been awake late at night & couldn’t have her night sleep back then because she had been so extremely anxious of me getting my slip but her uneasiness led myself to many thought (it’s neither good nor bad, it just is) Gladly, my mom said the result that she had dreamt on coincided well with my target, I hope it will turn out real & good for my future. You know how mom’s instinct goes in life. Still, I can’t beat my nervous feeling, indeed. This is vigorous sentiment! I’m waiting for something big in life & I wish it to be fine & beautifully enchanting as the new beginning of my education path.

     Is SPM result will seriously be released on 20 March? There are people from the other side told me it’s going to be on 21 March. Oh god, is that so?! Rumors made me totally confused. I’m still hesitating about the SPM result’s actual date and this thought leads me to the bad overlap of scheduling. My JPJ test is on 21 March so I hope both won’t piled up in the same day or else, I’m in trouble. For one thing I can’t lil bit bear with is people keep teasing me about how much days left till the SPM result, it’s like they exuberantly count the days left for us haha I feel special & chosen instead hahaha. Well I don’t know how to respond with those who said/ told me so; I just smiled & act dumb down to the earth, peace.

     My 95-mates, they were all good students with a brilliant technics in learning. They scored shining marks for every tasks & exams. So do every student in the world. There are no weaknesses, it’s ourselves who should seek for the theology, eschatology & be a knowledgeable one. Somehow, I’d smell jealousy in myself for not be able in developing myself to be good and be like the others whom strive well in study. I struggled for months, and in those times I hope I gained so many lessons, not in just for excellent good listed-marks but to apply them all in my daily life, InsyaAllah. Thanks to my teachers, you guys did a great job!

Let's stay together for a blessed and successful life.
     I hope with my incoming SPM result, I could pursue my studies to the course I’ve listed in my Upu form. Amin. 
     For these few remaining days, it’s never too late to pray & seek for Allah’s help to gain better for now and great plans in advance for the future & life-care. I hope everything will turn outstandingly well for us, the 95’s. All the very best guys! Be safe! Just to get you informed, when the day come, I'll just get my phone turned off, run away from the Twitter & etc, find me if you can lol I'm just kidding.

*Update, confirmed: 
     SPM results set to be released on 21 March (This Thursday) I posted up this entry too early since I didn't know about its exact day lol okay. Straight A's & A'sssssss for life, Amin. Fyi, I've postponed my JPJ test to 4 April.Yeah I have to. I'm being such a crazy lassie for these few days, maybe I’ve been all stressed out thinking about how my result is going to be. I want to make my parents proud of me and also for the teachers who has worked hard all this while. Omg it's like I'm now writing an honour entry, am I? Haha. Alright. Just for a friendly reminder for those who are taking their SPM result this Thursday! Haha, oh wait, I'm one of the SPM leaver too! Hahahaha (omg that isn't even funny) *Tasteless joke*
     I'm shivering to death now and I'm getting even more palpilates for seeing everyone keep tweeting about SPM results, it's not like I hate whoever RT-ing or Tweet-ing about SPM matters but hey look what’s on Twitter trending now! You can see the word SPM is adhered to it for about more than 2 days (if I’m not mistaken) omg my hands start to shake violently. Weirdly, I still stumble into the SPM link and RT-ing some inspirational tweets from other users who provide. They were really such a helper to make my mind calmer, thanks! Keep on praying & recite some surah before entering the school. May the victory is ours! Amin Ya Rabb. Have a good days ahead. Till we meet again, Insyaallah :)