Loves and Obsessions Part Two

     Well, hello hehe it’s my first time having a continuous post as you can see the words ‘Part two’ has been titled together. I know I have been disappeared fr about few months ago, but now here I am! So lets get started, when it comes about obsession, everyone will tightly attach to it, right? Haha but mine is just way as different for this newest entry, I’ll just placed all of the screenshot of mine having a great day on that-is-so-called Tumblr & others. Tumblr is like a place to be dreamt with. Actually it’s been so long since my last date with Tumblreee and I’d some trouble with it at first and that’s why I leave it for a long time without an update but quickly to mention, I manage to fix it back at last! Yeay me! Haha it took around 1 hour as I’ve mistyped the code before and it turned to be pengg boomg goong! Broken code & of course, it messed up to the shitt as hell as I couldn’t even see the pictures & things that are supposed to be in. It gets me harder because I’ve resigned as a coder girl for about one year & I’m being so dull with coding now; yeah I’m so used to the code before, not really an expert one but it worked well for me. Let the past go by itself, it’s time to look forward haha.

     Alright, it’s all about screenshots!! Let’s get it started!

     Obviously you can see, there's a plenty of food pictures here. How I wish I could just possibly grab them all in a once and eat them *happiness overload* Gulp. Oh okay, back to the topic. I’m actually a strong eater and I would spend my money only for the foods because it’s worth way to do! Really! Fyi, it’s like a compulsory activity for me to watch any cooking programmes provided in Food Network Channel Asia (727), they’re all diligence and attractive to be watched for. I can’t go through a day without watching it even once, they’re my unpolluted druggies. Haha well some of my favourite cooking shows goes to Giada at Home, Barefoot Contessa, Hungry Girl, 30 Minutes Meal, Guy’s Big Bite & Down Home with Neelys. Yes, I watched them every day, never missed & they are deserving cases because you can slowly learn how to cook & find out about science management in cooking. Not forgotten, Unwrapped show is kind of satisfying programme, it reveals the process & men behind all of the wrapped foods.

     Don’t be a silly, if they’re using pork, wine or something which is forbidden to be eaten/to drink (by Islamic laws) I’ll endure myself from watching or practising it. I noted their recipes but I’ll trade the illegal ingredients with legitimate raw (such as vinegar or water) inevitably. No worries. Plus, Food network challenge is the best competition ever!! They immensely come out with the great ideas & everything’s fantastically outstanding because you can serves your eyes with too many of hugely unique foods for real! Somehow they build a big cake, clothes made of chocolate, garden made of sweets & etc! Here for more,

     Well, hello? Is it tearing you down enough? Haha this is not something you should be sad with, clearly you can call those car as Aryna's baby boo lol. Alright, let me be, it's actually the Lamborghini Aventador! Have you seen Lamborghini Veneno yet? Limited sport car,  it's actually good to be built & sold only in three units because if it built for an unlimited units just like the common cars, everyone will running out of money and people will be dying much of just seeing this car but not having it haha and I’ll be the one, indeed. I'll pass out if these Aventador & Veneno appears right in front of my eyes, please just don't. Or I’ll just threat the proprietors of Aventador & Veneno to give theirs. Haha lol I’m just kidding, I don’t even dare to do it, no sue.
     I wasn’t so good in car management, but you know how the expression will be, “Super cars?! Sport Cars?! OMG! They’re all incredibly beautiful! Dreadfully gorgeous & nobody would deny!” Oh come on! *Exuberant*
    We’ve go through the foods & wonder sport cars. Let’s see how those animals revolve themselves in my mind.

     Isn’t them cute enough?! Haha some people might agree so at the opposite. Well, this is just me; I love wolves (winter white wolf) & Koala Bear. My bro & sis once petted a Siamese cat when I was a kid & it stepped out from the house because of one incident and I was the main character lol it’s only between me & the kittie. I was about to walked in to my house, and once I reached the door, we both shockingly see each other as we suddenly appeared exactly in the opposite way haha and because of the unexpected scene, the cat ran away silently. My sis & bro terribly sad as they couldn’t find the cat back. Hehe, I don’t cause a trouble, no. Not me. Omg I miss Choky (my rabbit's name), terribly.

     Yes, we should be grateful for having a chance to see all of this beautiful waterfalls even from a picture. Last but not least!

The art! I think it is just not me who adore & appreciate the art. Art could reveal the feelings in oneness & to feel what is the real meaning behind, something that we called so surprisingly beautiful & deep.

I will try to update more, because I have been missing this typing world so much!!